Busmaster BM-l2

Busmaster BM-L2

The Busmaster-L2 transmits data received over the interface to the L2-Bus DP. It is equipped with one RS-485 (or TTY) and one RS-232 interface for connecting to peripherals, and one L2 bus interface for connecting to the L2 Bus DP.

The Busmaster-L2 takes the data from the connected devices and makes it available to the SPS via the L2-Bus. The slave address of the Busmaster can be changed at any time via a DIL switch.

The Busmaster-L2 continuously transmits 60 data-words to the SPC. Received data must be managed using the SPC-internal program. The Busmaster automatically detects the baud rate set on the L2-Bus.

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TechniCAL DatA

Auxiliary voltage 24 V DC (20 .. 34 V DC)
Power consumption approx. 5 W
Relay output 1 changeover contact, 230 V / 50 Hz / 2 A AC (50 W DC) Reinforced insulation at rated insulation voltage up to 300 VAC per IEC 664-1/3.1.5
Interface RS-232 and RS-485 L2-Bus DP, or RS-232 and TTY
Protective class Housing: IP 20
Ambient temperature -20 ... +55 ºC
Relative humidity max. 90 % non-condensing
Dimensions W/H/D 100 x 75 x 110 mm Standard rail mount 35 mm
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Ordering information BM-L2 - RS-485: E2075
  BM-L2 - TTY: E2076