Watchdog WDG-01

WDG-01 Watchdog

The WDG-01.2 Watchdog is a re-triggerable monoflop for monitoring cycles with pulse / pause times of up to 10 seconds. It can be used for monitoring SPC cycles or computer cycles, for example. A further application may be the conversion of proportional pulses into continuous signals at dose controls, such as for valve control.

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Technical Data

Operating voltage 10 ... 30 V DC
Power consumption
ca. 0,6 W
Monitoring time 5 oder 10 Sekunden
Minimum pulse length >= 100 ms positive oder
negative Flanke wählbar
Relay outputs invertierbar
230 V / 2 A / AC
Ambient temperature -20 ... +55 °C
Rel. humidity >30% < 90%
Dimensions B / H / T : 45 x 78 x 52 mm
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Ordering information: WDG-01: E1758