EMK-12PX pH Single-Rod Measuring Chain

EMK-12PX pH Single-Rod Measuring Chain

The EMK-12 is a pH single-rod measuring chain with a PG13.5 industry-standard connector cap. It is equipped with a gel-filled non-refillable glass shaft and a ceramic diaphragm. Examples of typical areas of application of the EMK-12 are potable water treatment, swimming bath engineering, and wastewater engineering.

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Technical Data

Installation length 120 mm
Diameter 12 mm
Measuring range pH 1 ... 12 )
Temperature range 0 ... 100 °C
Operating pressure
max. 16 bar at 25°C
(6 bar at 100°C)
Chain ground zero pH = 7
Connector PG13.5 industrial standard connector cap
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EMK-12PX: E1712