KS-201 Cooling Water Control

KS-201 Cooling Water Control

The KS-201 optimises the water supply in cooling water circulation systems.

With connected level contacts, its control system provides the regulation of the water level and controls reliably the required feeding of water. The KS-201 provides fully automatic regulation of cooling water concentration by measuring the electrical conductivity and controlling the bleeding off.

It captures the feeding and bleeding off volumes. Hardness stabilizers, corrosion protection, and pH regulators can be added in proportion to the given volume. Biocide dosing can be controlled by weekday and time of day or by time interval.

For the conductance measurement we recommend the usage of our LWS-1 Conductance Probe.

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Technical Data

Operating voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption
approx. 8 VA
Fuse protection 4 A T
Option 24 V version (24 V AC valve voltage supply)
max. 20 VA, 1 A T fuse protection
Data retention on power failure approx. 72 hours of operating data
configuration and parameter data are
safely archived in EEPROM.
Outputs 2 phase-assigned changeover contacts (230 V AC)
2 phase-assigned normally open contacts (230 V AC)
3 neutral changeover contacts
1 neutral normally open contact
Relay contact data 230 V AC / 8 A (AgNi)
Inputs 6 inputs via optic coupler
contact load: 10 V DC, approx. 8 mA
Optional pH Value Measuring Module
Climatic Conditions acc. to DIN EN 60204-1 ( 05-2010 )
Ambient Temperature operation:              -20 ... +55 °C
transport/storage:  -25 ... +55 °C
Housing DIN plastic housing for wall mounting
- IP54 / IP64 (optionally)
Dimensions W / H / D   :   212 x 184 x 94 mm
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Software software
Ordering information KS-201 - 230V AC : E1554
KS-201 - 230V AC / 24V DC : E1555