Leitwertsimulator LWS-03

LWS-03 Conductance Simulator

The LWS-03 Conductance Simulator is a device used for testing and adjusting conductance meters.

The LWS-03 behaves like a conductance probe, K=0.1, with conductance values of 10, 30, and 50 µScm-1. The conductance values are switched using a jumper. If the conductance meter is equipped with temperature compensation, a PT100 simulation for 20 °C can be connected to it.

Other conductance values are available for simulation on client request.

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Technical Data

Measurement resistors used Metal oxide resistors
Tolerance: 0.1%
Temperature coefficient
15 ppm / °C
Simulated conductance values at K=0.1: 10, 30, and 50 µS/cm
Simulated temperature 20 °C
Dimensions W / H / D: 84 x 157 x 30 mm
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Ordering information LWS-03: E1206