pH – Regler PHR-8E


PHR-8E pH Controller

The PHR-8E pH controller is used to adjust or monitor a liquid solution for a prescribed pH range.

This unit is used for controlling neutralisation facilities, provided that the required external drive controllers or switching- and control-devices are connected.

The program sequence for the neutralisation or monitoring procedure is microprocessor - controlled and the user can select from among the basic functions of continuous dosing, program control, and drain control. The program control function can be switched between three-point control, pulse frequency, and pulse-width modulation. For recording purposes, the device is equipped with a freely configurable current output and with an RS-232 printer interface.

Multiple configuration and setting options enable the user to precisely adapt the unit to the given application.

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Technical Data

Voltage supply 230 VAC +5%/-10%, 50Hz
Fuse protection 4 A mT
Power consumption approx. 15 VA
Inputs 5 x neutral NO switch to GND
contact voltage approx. 10 VDC, I approx. 9 mA
contact resistance, max. 1.5
Electrode input differential amplifier, Re > 5 x 1011 (per DIN 19265) asymmetrically fed to the input terminals for commercial single-rod measuring chains
Temperature sensor PT100 in three-conductor configuration,
temperature compensation in range from 0...120°C,
temperature measurement from -50°C ... 150°C.
resolution: 0.5K (rounded internally).
Relay outputs 5 x NO contact neutral, max. 230 V AC, 2A
3 x changeover contact, neutral, max. 230 V AC, 2A
Data output for standard RS-232 printer interface:
8-bit UART + start bit(0) + stop bit(1), 2400 Baud.
Current output 0(4) ... 20 mA max. load 400
linearity: 0.5% FS
Voltage output 0(2) ... 10 V min. 1 , linearity: 0.5% FS
Climatic Conditions acc. to DIN EN 60204-1 ( 05-2010 )
Ambient Temperature operation:              -20 ... +55 °C
transport/storage:  -25 ... +55 °C
Housing control panel housing per DIN 43700 (IP40)
with transparent cover up to IP65 in front
of the control panel
Dimensions W / H / D: 144 x 72 x 125 mm (incl. connector strip)
mounting cut-out: w x H 137 x 67 mm
Download PDF db Data Sheet (german)
  be Description (german)
Accessories pH single-rod measuring chain: EMK-12P: E1712
EMK-12PX: E1715
coaxial cable for pH measuring cell 5m
(other lengths available on request):  KC0019
Ordering information PHR-8E: E1843