SN-12 Level Control

SN-12 Level Control

The SN-12 Level Control is a 12-fold conductive electrode controller for SPC applications.

The antipole for the 12 individual electrodes is at ground potential, so that it can be used as a counter-electrode with metal containers.

The response sensitivity has to be adjusted to the conductivity of the switching medium by setting of the potentiometer.

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Technical Data

Operating voltage 24 V DC (20 ... 34 V)
Power consumption approx. 1.5 W
(w/o external wiring)
Probe inputs probe voltage < 20 V
max. probe supply line > 50 m
(depends on mounting conditions)
Response sensitivity 10 ... 100 kOhm
200 ... 620 kOhm
(activated by: SPS 24V / Cl. 30)
Outputs open collector, PNP
I tot max = 150 mA short-circuit proof
Ambient Temperature -20 ... +55°C
Housing W/D/H 100 x 75 x 110 mm
(35 mm standard rail)
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Ordering information SN-12: E1776