Kurzschlussrelais KZR-4S

Kurzschlussrelais KZR-8Sxx

The KZR-8Sxx* Short-Circuit Relay monitors the current in three-phase networks. It is equipped with 2 limit value relays, whose response values can be set independently of each other, ranging from 0.2 A to 20 A for the 5A variant and from 0.04 A to 4 A for the 1A variant. Separate delay times and switching behaviours are adjustable for each limit value. Current is measured via current transformers.

The current measurement circuits are galvanically separated from each other and from the other electronics. Suitable current transformers are to be provided for adapting to the measurement circuits. The protective device is available in the variants KZR-8S and KZR-8SA (with analogue output - no galvanic isolation).
* The designation KZR-8Sxx is sustitutionally used for all available variants of the short circuit relay KZR-8S.

Special feature: The threshold relay 1 can operate as a current-depended delayed overload relay. This behaviour is modelled on the thermal / temporal overload triggering of motor circuit breakers. The KZR-8Sxx meets the VDE 0108 requirement with 110 % nominal current within a 12-hour interval. This current-dependent overload trigger can be switched off, resp. combined.
Use the current version of the downloadable parameterisation software for setting the device parameters.

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Technical data

Auxiliary voltage 9 ... 34V DC
Power consumption approx. 3 VA
Delay time adjustable: 0.1 ... 100 s
systematic 50 ms + tx +/- 50 ms for t>0
Burden switching contact wired for 1.2 k and 10 k Ohm
Relay outputs 230 V / 50 Hz / 2 A
Error (nominal frequency) < 1%
Measuring inputs 10*Inom 1 ms
Overload resistance 4*Inom continuous
Type of protection IP20
Ambient temperature -20 ... +55 ºC
Dimensions W / H / D : 100 x 75 x 110 mm
(35 mm standard rail)
Additionally for KZR-8SA: Analogue output
12 Bit
≥ 1 kOhm
Internal resolution
besser als 0,5 %
Refresh rate
approx. 200/s
Output voltage
max. 10,7 V
Accessory: USB cable (USB-A : B Mini) : KC0215
Download PDF db Data sheet
Ordering information KZR-8S / 5A / 12-24V : E1463
KZR-8S / 1A / 12-24V : E1464

KZR-8SA / 5A / 12-24V : E1465
KZR-8SA / 1A / 12-24V : E1466